Based on successful global implementations for some of the world's largest companies, we have developed a reliable and repeatable process for helping you to integrate, deploy, and manage your KPI dashboard:

  • Project management
  • Configuration and dashboard customizations
  • Graphic and user interface design with your look and feel
  • Integration and security engineering
  • Quality assurance testing
  • User adoption testing
  • Extensions and additions to your original application


Support & Maintenance.

Data Geeks customers tell us that responsive customer support and product maintenance set us apart from the competition. This kind of "always-on" assistance is central to how we do business.

Occasionally customers face unique dashboard deployment or adoption issues. In these situations, our customers can proceed with confidence knowing that a successful dashboard deployment for them is a top priority for us.

With regular product updates and world class support that's only a phone call away, the dashboard is just the beginning.


Data Geeks Dashboard development methodology

We take pride in delivering high-quality solutions on time and within budget. To achieve these goals, our development process for your KPI dashboard is based on clearly defined roles and responsibilities, a proven process, and a common set of terms.

Vision & scope. Long and short-term business requirements and user needs are captured, resources are allocated, and risks are identified. Time and effort estimates are calculated.

Planning. Proper planning ensures a successful project that costs less and is completed on time. User requirements and architectural and functional specs are developed along-side a project plan.

 Developing. We build your Data Geeks Dashboard to spec. Your advocate on our project management team ensures that development effort remains on target and on specification.

Stabilizing. Data Geeks quality assurance specialists work with your team to ensure all key performance metrics are met or exceeded.
 Deploying. Your KPI dashboard is ready. Your deployment continues to be supported with training, upgrades, professional services, and second-line customer support.