KPI Dashboard Solutions let you see real-time key performance indicators so that you can make effective real-time data driven decisions.

Measuring, analyzing and reporting company wide KPIs is fundamental for success.  Being able to access real-time performance allows you to respond to issues before they become problems, and make decisions based upon data insights.

Our Dashboards are real-time, cloud-hosted, web and mobile-accessible - always available when you need it.


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Use data from basically anywhere!

Whatever internal platforms or systems you use, you can have the data feed directly into your dashboards. We feature plugins for all major services including Google, Dropbox, Box, Email, Salesforce, Facebook, and direct database connections.


Clear and concise information

A dashboard is only as effective as the action it drives.  The best way to turn analysis into action is to start with clear data-driven presentations that show you the information you need in real time with clear visualisations.

Real-time mobile access

Access your KPI Dashboard form web and mobile in real-time. Whenever the data powering your dashboard is updated, all associated assets, on-sight or remote, will also be updated. You will always know that you are viewing the most current information.
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Executive Dashboards

The modern executive doesn't want information delivered in a static report on their desk – they want dynamic, real-time information that is accessible wherever they are, on whatever device they are using, whenever they need to make a decision.


Sales Dashboards

Sales teams thrive under pressure, and it's no secret that they operate in an ultra-competitive environment. Give your sales team an edge by providing them with a sales dashboard that puts real-time KPIs and metrics in the palm of their hand.

Marketing professionals distinguish themselves through their ability to measure the success (or failure) of a campaign, and using that data to do better in their next campaign. A marketing dashboard consolidates all of the moving pieces to give you a clear picture of your marketing ROI.

Marketing Dashboards

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KPI Templates for Call Centres

Call centres operate in a high stress environment. In order to deliver a high quality of service and meet SLAs, everyone from front-line agents to managers need to be dialed-in to the latest KPIs. Use these KPI templates to deliver quality customer service.

KPI Templates for Retail Dashboard

In the fast-paced world of retail, having the right metrics and KPIs is essential for staying competitive. If you aren't measuring it, you are likely missing key facts about your business and losing out on important opportunities. Use these KPI examples to get the most out of your retail operation.

KPI Template for Clinical Health Care

Clinical healthcare KPIs keep your facility on target and ensure you deliver the best patient care possible. Start monitoring clinical KPIs like patient satisfaction, outcomes, and ER wait times. Use these KPI examples to increase the efficiency of your healthcare facilities.
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KPI Template for Financial & Banking

No matter what the scenario, banking and financial services require visibility of real-time, accurate, and actionable information. KPI Dashboards help drive fact-based actions.

KPI Template for Insurance Industry

The world's most successful insurance organizations  monitor the right metrics and KPIs to ensure they strike a balance between risk and reward. Use these KPI Dashboards to find that balance.

KPI Template for Supply Chains

Managing your supply chain can be a logistical nightmare without a KPI Dashboard. Use these KPI examples to keep your supply chain running smoothly.
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